For the first time, the amazing benefits of the ELDOA mobility exercises are available to any baseball or softball player in ten unique 30-minute guided workout classes. This class serves as an introduction to the amazing world of ELDOA exercises by focusing on the key protocols that are most beneficial to all ball players. The exercises and routines outlined in ELDOA FOR BASEBALL and SOFTBALL are the perfect complement to any existing strength, mobility or rehabilitation routines. Unlike traditional stretching or myofascial release programs, ELDOA FOR BASEBALL and SOFTBALL targets the body’s fascia and increases the space between specific joints of the spine resulting in a wide range of physiological benefits for any athlete including:

  • A reduction of pressure on spinal discs allowing for normalization of movement
  • Relief from elbow pain, back pain and shoulder tension
  • Improved stride length and shoulder layback
  • Better hip to shoulder separation and wrist motion
  • Improved balance, stability, mobility, flexibility, proprioception and muscle tone
  • Improved injury recovery and recovery time from sports activity and training
  • Stress and headache reduction as well as better sleep quality

Taught by two Certified ELDOA Trainers and OnBaseU Certified Instructors with deep backgrounds training and rehabilitating some of the best athletes in the world, Dan Hellman and Janet Alexander walk the viewer through the exercises and workouts created to maximize performance both on and off the diamond.