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OnBase University is an organization dedicated to studying how the body moves in the sports of Baseball and Softball and how to assess an athlete's physical ability to perform these movement patterns.

Comprised of leading experts in baseball and softball coaching, the fitness industry and the healthcare field, OnBase University has created a comprehensive Certification program that gives industry professionals the tools necessary to quickly screen players for any physical limitations and a deep knowledge of how those limitations can affect their performance as well as simple guidelines to help get them back on track.

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OnBaseU Accreditation

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Having the OnBase University certification shows the baseball and softball worlds that you are a leader in the latest techniques used for player development and are serious about your continued education. Having the ability to identify technical faults and connect those with a player's physical limitations is very a unique skill. That ability is what separates an OnBaseU certified member from the rest of the coaching world. After completion of the Level 1 certification class, students can pursue advanced levels of certification through OnBase University. We offer advanced classes in Baseball Pitching, FastPitch Softball, Fielding, Fitness and Medical Rehabilitation.

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